Cape West Coast (Weskus)

cape west coast

cape west coast

Stretching from Blaauwberg in the south to Kliprand in the north, the Cape West Coast region comprises 44 small towns along the southwestern coast of South Africa within the Western Cape Province.

The Cape West Coast has all the good looks. It lays claim to a variety of unique experiences, but the annual wild flower display takes top honours. Between mid-August and mid-September the entire region bursts into a kaleidoscope of colour as the flowers carpeting the landscape bloom – the kind of view you wish your camera could capture adequately.

Life here is all about community and there’s a sense that everything works together. The people will take you in, share their stories with you and leave you wishing you had more time to hear about their interesting lives. !Khwa ttu celebrates San culture, the Mission Stations in Elandskloof, Goedverwacht and Wupperthal celebrate the old way of life, and you’ll discover fishermen in the villages who have secrets about the sea, who apply the wisdom that they’ve gathered from their fathers, who got it from their fathers. And so the ancient and mysterious traditions are passed down and worked into the everyday.

Walk on the wild side and discover the culture and history in the West Coast National Park, see fossils of bears, sabre-tooth cats, short-necked giraffes and many other exotic animals that inhabited this area some 5 million years ago, at the West Coast Fossil Park near Vredenburg. The turquoise sea is a sight you’ll wish you could wake up to every day for the rest of your life.

From an area that is forever linked to the sea, you can expect nothing but the freshest crayfish, bokkoms (dried salted fish) and seafood. You will leave satisfied and yet hungry to visit again.